Protomation’s goal is not only to deliver high-fidelity simulator but also to provide the customers with a new highly-efficient training experience. Using our vast knowledge in simulation and control of production process, we can support our clients to train their operators using state-of-the-art techniques like e-learning and LMS systems. 

Process Studio®’s Process Instructor & Process Trainee modules are especially equipped for classroom training, self-paced training, assessment and certification.  Process Instructor enables you to fit 'Off-the-shelf' and custom made Process Studio® applications into your specific training program and curriculum. You can define disturbances, malfunctions and constraints in a training script that is run by Process Trainee, allowing you to measure the skills and performance of a trainee.

Results can be viewed off-line or on-line in a network. Running Process Instructor and Process Trainee in a network allows for classroom training and intervention by the instructor.

Another of our training solutions is the Operator Excellence Manager (OXM). OXM consists of a series of courses specifically designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience to the trainee. The courses provide theoretical background, and practical experience on the dynamic behaviour of the process.  

Protomation’s training solutions include generic introductory e-learning courses for (petro) chemical industries, and custom made e-learning courses based upon emulated simulators made for specific plants. 

Protomation delivers solutions to any of your training necessities!   

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production processes, process
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