Protomation offers the following services:

In order to speed up and broader the learning experience Protomation provides several simulation applications to fit in different training programs. On-site training or training in our office is also possible.

Software update
Protomation’s IT department is continuously improving Process Studio and keeping it up to date with new standards and windows changes. Regularly new versions of Process Studio are release and can be available for our clients by download or a visit. 

Application maintenance
Maintenance aims to keep the applications running and up to date.  Maintenance includes engineering to modify the model or the application, to include new elements in order to keep the simulator pair to the real plant or enhance the functionality. 

Customers can easily contact us, so Protomation can evaluate the situation and give a quick solution.

Other support
Protomation’s commitment doesn’t end delivering the product. Offers support to help the customer with any upcoming issue or needed advice. Contact our office in the way that better suits you and we will gladly attend you. 

Protomation is a flexible company which offers custom made solutions. If you have a particular request as well as a generic one, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will quickly get hands on to satisfy your enquiry. 

Protomation is a certified company

With twenty years of know-how
and experience in the field of
production processes, process
control and process simulation.

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