Stamicarbon, this relation goes back to Protomation’s beginning. Since then Simulators have been develop with and for Stamicarbon.

DSM, several Process Studio Simulators have been delivered, like Dyneema, Polypropylene and Polyethyelene.

AKZO, uses different Process Studio based Chlorine Operator Training Simulators to train its operators.

Saudi Aramco, has bought Process Studio based Operator Tranining Simulators, as well as Complete Process Studio Packages with standard models 

Yokogawa, multiple projects where done for Yokogawa, with a different final user.

Schneider Electric (Invensys), a Process Studio / Dynsim based Operator Training Simulator for a Generic Power Plant was developed for the San Diego State University Research Foundation.

Agrium, recently a modification of an already existing Process Studio based Operator Training Simulator of an Urea Plant was carried out.

For the complete reference list, please, contact us.

Shell, different Process Studio based Petrochemical Simulators have been delivered.

Petrobras, a recent but fruitful relation resulted in three different Process Studio based Operator Training Simulators for Urea Plants.

SKW,two different Process Studio based Urea Operator Training Simulators were manufactured. In this case the Dynamic Model was connected to new equipment from the DCS vendor (ABB), with the Original DCS installed.

Sabic, a Methanol Process Studio based Operator Training Simulator was delivered to Ar-Razi.

Exxon mobile, a Process Studio based Operator Training Simulator Compressor 3 D,

Bio Base Europe, currently using Process Studio for teaching purposes,  but also specific simulators, like a Flash Dryer Process Studio based Operator Training Simulator.

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