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Protomation also develops dedicated applications for a wide range of customers in different kind of industries. Customers of Protomation are licensers, engineering contractors as well as the plant owners.

Some of the Process Studio applications are joint efforts between Protomation and the licensers. Licensing of these applications is subject to certain conditions and approval. These applications can be tailored to customer’s requirements.

Protomation builds and delivers Operator Training Simulators based on high fidelity and robust dynamic Process Studio process models developed according to our customer’s requirements.

Protomation’s Project Execution Plan (PEP) is ISO9001:2008 certified. Our project approach includes four phases:
  • Definition
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Evaluation

During the project definition phase we set up the functional specification of the system to be designed and built, in close cooperation with the customer.
Functional and non-functional requirements are identified and documented in open discussions, extensively elaborating on use cases and exception handling.

In the planning phase we set out the route to achieve the project objectives by taking constraints in various resources into account.
During the project execution phase the system analyses and design will result in an evolutionary and iterative system implementation. Prototypes play a central role in the communication with intended users of the system. This approach is particularly valuable for the design of man-machine interfaces.

We strongly believe in a joint development, in which the opinions of system users play a decisive role, being the basis for the acceptance and success of the system.
Systems are instruments that render services to humans. In our view the user’s perception of the process and system’s internals is of utmost importance for the optimal use of the instrument so the man-machine inter-face must be designed with great care.

Protomation is a certified company

With twenty years of know-how
and experience in the field of
production processes, process
control and process simulation.

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