Protomation is focus on teaching operators. With that purpose in mind Process Studio® and OXM were developed. 

Process Studio
Process Studio® is the software package that allows Protomation to develop real-time simulations. Furthermore, the package includes software to run the simulations as a trainee, so the performance is recorded, hints are shown and different scenarios can be introduced.  Instructors can follow in real time the trainee performance and interact with the live session. The performance of different trainees can be stored and managed by Process Studio®.

Operator Excellence Manager
Built with Process Studio you can find several off-the-shelf applications, custom made applications and OXM. OXM is the Operator Excellence Manager, which comprehends a set of simulation applications and e-learning in order to conform a complete course for new operators.

Protomation is a certified company

With twenty years of know-how
and experience in the field of
production processes, process
control and process simulation.

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